World Life Experience: Scam-project in a Portuguese mask

World NGOs said they don`t work with the project.

Yep, sadly but true. The project World Life Experience is a scam with illegal using of world NGOs name to attract you. I really hope that you haven`t transfer your money to their fake accounts yet.

From the start of the promo of the project I had no doubts that World Life Experience is just one more global cheating project for freebie-lovers.

The website looked very suspicious - weird sponsors, any physical address and mentioning of "some NGOs" without any names of it.

But surely these doubts were not enough to state that project is fake. It have been tonnes of publications in international media, the team have posted a lot of content at Facebook, make some communications and answered to questions comments at their Facebook-page.

So, after all there is nothing strange in the fact that a lot of people were hoping that they have real possibility to have this "dream job" - to travel a year for free, and visit 40 countries having 2500 EUR monthly. Nowadays media, especially social media, have  incredible influence on audience. 

The strangest thing as for me was the fact that any media haven`t checked the project before publish the news.

In a week Facebook page of World Life Experience had assembled over 280 000 of subscribers and the website have over unique 30 000 visitors daily.

Taking in mind all the suspicious aspects of the project I decided to investigate the nature of the project by myself. But preliminary I had left the request for application at the website.

Firstly I checked the country where the website had been registered. Using the whois-service I had detached that it is France (not Portugal, as it pointed at the website). Today due to the high traffic at the this data is not opened anymore.

First cheating was detached. But, still not enough to say that it is a scam. May be their juridical adress is different from the physical. 

The most suspicious thing for me was mentioning NGOs and the importance of a social component of the project. Why they do not called the names of these NGOs? 

As an human rights activist I know that serious organisations never join projects without official informing at their official websites and social networks pages. I had checked all largest NGOs resources and haven't find any word about the World Life Experience initiative.

I e-mailed the team of the project via and asked them which charity organisations will they support. It passed away near 2 weeks and I still not received any answer. 

But a few day ago I finally received the cheerful letter from the project. It said: "your pre-registration meets all the requirements! Now it’s time to validate your application." I think most of people who are now reading this text received the same e-mails.


After I had finished the survey the system proposed to me to choose one of 6 NGOs to support within the application process. 

Most people in the world know each of these organisations: MSF, Human Rights Watch, Action Against Hunger,WWF, Refugees International and Save the Children. It is the final step before you will charge your money for scammers.

It was the crucial mistake of scam-creators. I had already e-mailed them and they already had know that I am a blogger and I wouldn't be satisfied with their silence.  Correction: they should know. If they would check mailbox. So they just sent to me general mailing thinking that I will give my money to them.

Then I sent request to each of these NGOs and ask to confirm their cooperation with World Life Experience. Today I have reply from to of them - WWF and Medicines Sans Frontieres.

Both organisations do not no anything about the project for now and do not have any partnership with scammers. They will check it more deeply but I think you all know understand the point.))

After receiving this information I had wrote this post and tried to spread it. But people who wishing to travel for free and have a good salary were (surprise to me) more likely to transfer money then to believe that its a scam.

I had posted the link to this post below the one of World Life Experience`s posts at the Facebook, but they've not reacted. Then I posted it at their Instagram, and the team had tried to come true with such explanation:

And after I mentioned the court, they just banned me! I am now exploring WLE Instagram from a different account.

I want to underline again: any of NGOs mentioned above never cooperate with any project without preliminary agreement and providing the permission for using their names and logos. 

In a few hours at the FB-page of the project the so called "explanation post " had appeared. It was any answers to direct questions. Just general calming down phrases. 

And it was a photo of two guys presented as a founders of the project: Antonio Dias and Pedro Tinoco. And the name of the company - TOP EXPERIENCE. You will not find any information about these guys and the company with that name in Internet. And you will not find their accounts in any social network. Also, even Google photo search service  haven't find any other picture of them.


But it is one thing which may lead further researchers to something new. The post was edited, and a first appeared name was not Antonio Dias. It was Antonio Coelho Dias. You may check it by clicking little globe icon at the right upper corner of the post.

Fragment of the edited post.

If you'll Google this name you will find a few FB-accounts with different pictures and the website which had been updated in 2010 for a last time. There are some information online about some graphic artist with this name.

When the post had appeared I asked them a few questions to clarify. For example, how the project going to employ non-EU residents for such job. Especially taking in mind the the procedure of hiring is pretty hard and it may needs more then 2500 EUR monthly to hire a person officially.

I had received also a general answer: we cooperate with a team of accountants and lawyers so don't worry. And when I asked to call a name of companies who are accompanying them they've ... just deleted my comments with questions and their answer.

In a few days I had received one more answer from Doctors Without Borders and Action Against Hunger where these NGOs have confirmed that they are not having any partnerships with World Life Experience and that using of their logo are made without permissions which means it illegal.

Thus, there are at least 3 of 6 NGOs who don`t know anything about World Life Experience and do not provided the permission for using their names and logos  to so called initiative. 

For me the crucial aspect was the fact that the usage of NGOs name was not agreed with organisations. So independently of the fact what they are going to do with money in future it was clear that at the start they are breaking the law.

And the used scheme was perfect to make it works: the names of the NGOs have not been published previously, and the logos had not displayed anywhere except closed page with survey. 

So it is almost impossible to proof such illegal usage of intellectual property. But totally enough to make people believe that the project is socially responsible and trustworthy. The NGOs was from the list of biggest worldwide organisations.

Now the cheater`s project keeping to answer question regarding technical problems with payments but still haven't answer any direct questions. The application procedure will finish 30th June and, looking on audience reaction, till that date the project will raise millions and millions euros by breaking the law...

Finalising I want to say that if you still have some doubts and hope that the project is working and legal, and you have a chance to get the trip of your dreams for free I advice you to look to few more details:

  • when you choosing which NGO you want to support you can choose multiple. I choose all 6 and the proposed sum remained the same. Think about how this 2,5 EUR will be separated with 6 NGOs

  • If you will try to log in within the link from your e-mail at second time the system will just say that your e-mail do not exist in the database.

Sorry again, but if you're already transferred money to the World Life Experience you've made a big mistake.

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  1. Hello Olga,

    Thank you for going deep into this subject. Like you, I was also intriguing by the possibility of this project being a scam. With your help, I've made my mind. It's pretty clear that this is a false endeavour to steal peoples money.

    With good intention,
    Luiz Brasil

    1. I'm glad to help you and other people!

    2. Believe me, the World needs more and more people like you, with the goodwill to help the others far more than iniciatives like WLE.


    Well, I found one of those guys:

    But I'm also trying to find if this opportunity is true or not.


    2. At least one exist... lol
      But I can't find anything about António.
      I contacted the School House agency and I'm waiting their answer

    3. What is this video about? I do t understand Portuguese)

    4. The video is just a radio cast with one of the said "founders" of that initiative, Pedro Tinoco. He is just saying what needs to be done to be an entepreneur. Nothing big, just showing that the guy exists.

      Guessing he doesn't know they are using his name to show some credit to this scheme.

    5. I also guess he doesn't know about the project W.L.E...

      I think that if it was real should have an interview with them a live or something... and should be easy to know more about it.

      But anyway, he really worked at this agency School House but he is not there anymore, since 2014 to be exactly.

    6. In his Linkedin profile says he is co-founder at world life experience lol

  3. Hi Olga,

    I got my senses tingling when I heard that there's a 9€ fee for application. All the companies I ever applied to a job paid any expenses in the selection process.

    I'm planning to call their office building in Portugal tomorrow. If there's no office like this there, then it might be another proof that this is a total scam.

    Thanks for your work in documenting this. Taking money out of people who, in some or even most cases, are unemployed and already have so little to spend is just cruel.

    1. As for me most cruel thing is to use the names of known social initiatives for make it... I think that calling would not proof anything as it's very simple to pretend anybody by phone. Anyway, please, let us know what will be the result of your call!

  4. Hello Olga,

    I had those doubts when I thought this is way too good to be true, and when I found about the. 9€ donations..

    I just hope if the guy calling them can add something to this, and I shall write some clarification in Arabic about this using your post and refer to you of course. I just hope we can find the truth.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Guess they are not using Paypal API properly. Did you find out the callback URL?

    2. Bolds: I've paid:(. Can they do something with my data of creditcard?

    3. Mel, It depends on the method they're using to charge you. If it's Paypal, no, and you can even try to get your money back because of Buyers Protection.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Hello! Thank you for your comment. I had thought about some similar option. But, have you asked him about illegal using of NGOs name? That it is a breaking a laws? As I mentioned in one of discussions, yes, may be they will choose somebody and they will travel. But: 1. The method of collecting money is illegal 2. There is any possibility to people outside the EU 3. They took tonnes of money for themselves using reputation of other companies.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.


    8. Hello. As i see this account is already deleted.... but honestly. How would they already be choosen on the 16th of june.... i still hot an email from them on the 3rd of july after the deadline that hey i havent filled out the questionare yet.... it reeeeally smells like scam. And by the way which organozatoons confirmed you that they work with them? Because the writer of this article named them and screenshoted the conversations and she had answers from three out of six. Then you come and say at least three of them comfirmed.... it sounds like you say that bc the writer only got an answer from three. I am pretty sure you work for them. I was really excited seeing the project. The reason i havent transferred them money was the fact that for me it seems éittle unreal that based of a few written answers they would be able to pick. I would at least ask for video aöplications....

  6. Hi little-sincetta
    Thank you so much for this article. I almost fall in their trap. you saved me at the last moment. the 9€ fee made me think more and recheck. again thank you so much

  7. hi olga.
    this kind of things are always too good to be true right?..
    anyway, i made a search of "top experience" company, and in fact it appears to be a legit company registered in portugal ( it has fiscal number and designation of activity).
    not that is impossible that this is a "fake" company...created just as a front or something shaddy..
    don't know about the rest, scam or not...

  8. hi olga.
    I found this video belongs to a community blogs, here she shows her response by NGOs. It is the same as ls images you showed. The NGOs do not know anything about the project.

  9. For any person familiar with doing business in Portugal it is clear that this company has very non-zero probability of being scam.
    1) name of the company is TOP EXPERIENCE lda. Being 99,9% sure I can say that this name (two random English words) comes from Portuguese procedure called Empresa na Hora, which means "company in an hour", and yes, this company can be opened in just one hour with all fees totaling 300EUR or slightly more.
    2)Social capital of the company is 5000EUR, lower limits for company social capital were cancelled couple of years ago, but it used to be 5000 before, so for experienced business founder it is still the 'minimum minimorum' of how much money you can put in the company
    3)Legal address of the company is a 'virtual office', you can check it out easily

    To sum it up, you can run a business this way in Portugal, but if you are a public and transparent company ready for massive investment/NGO operations - no way!

  10. I hope they go to the jail and return us our money!

  11. Hey! I just paid the 9€ fee. I didnt know about all this. Any idea of what can I do? If I just lost 9€ im angry but its ok. What I dont want is to lose more money.

    1. I see two options:
      - PayPal has buyer protection, you get your money back fast and easy;
      - Contact your credit card issuer, tell them you were a victim of a fraud and want your money back. Not 100% guaranteed tho.

    2. The best thing you can do is inform yourself first, before making a hurried decision. Many scammers seek the pressure of the moment to defraud people. While others deceive you into believing that your dreams come true. I hope that helps you identify a scammer

    3. My friend paid the 9€ fee via paypal and then opened a dispute. In the paypal comment section, she mentioned the website as the seller and that it is possibly a scam and asked for a full refund. A day after the dispute case was opened, a full refund of 9€ was issued by Top Experience, Lda. and the seller's email was global@worldlifeexperience. So maybe they don't want to enrage people further so tehy issue refunds to avoid more negative attention. If you have doubts and want your money back, given that you paid with paypal, it worked for my friend, so you might try as well.

  12. Thank You so much for this detailed investigation. Offers like this are always lucrative but people should be more alert and investigate properly before getting into these kind of false schemes. I am really grateful for your efforts and this blog.
    Good Luck and Keep it up.

  13. I sent a letter to Polícia Judiciária in Portugal, to several of their offices in Portugal in which I explained my, and other people's concerns regarding World Life Experience being a scam project so that they could conduct an investigation, and GABINETE NACIONAL INTERPOL > POLÍCIA JUDICIÁRIA - UNIDADE DE COOPERAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL sent a reply to me that goes: "We must inform you that we will not be able to investigate if you do not formally file your complaint with any criminal police department or the Public Prosecutor's Office in your area of residence."

    So Portugal Police won't investigate WLE until someone formally files a complaint locally first.

    1. So if anyone in EU can file a formal complaint, maybe the police will start investigating if WLE is true or scam.

  14. For me the most doubts were about the 40 countries in 52 weeks, and the mentioned 4 x breaks of 15 days. Do the math - it's like less than a week in destinations (with all the airport securities and so on). Besides, all the visas? I got an answer, that a company will take care of visas :D:D:D

    1. As well as, I read their Terms & conditions (yes, I`m the guy, who reads them :D), and they were purely written - basically the same information, which is mentioned on their website (rephrased). And their comment about protecting your private information wasn't in a same jurisdictional form as from other companies.

  15. I came across your post by chance, as I was looking for further information about the partners, CEGO and so on. After reading your comments, it's obvious that there is something fishy going on. Honestly, I would NEVER have imagined that a scan could exist in this kind of project, it is so disgusting to manipulate people like that and to use NGO names. I want to thank you all for the comments and especially Olga, you are a great person.

  16. Hi Olga! Thanks for spreading awareness.. I was one of those naive guys in 20s who was looking to travel the world.. I knew this was too good to be true.. It did not even occur to me to Google about this company before I sign up for anything.. I got the email regarding the questionnaire a few minutes back.. Now I googled and found you blog.. So I'm pasting the following comment as replies to all the ppl who have commented on the post..
    "People! Be aware! It's just another fucking scam! Do not waste your hard earned money! See the below blog! Thank you!"
    This is all I could do to help.. Thanks a lot again! Have a wonderful life! 😊

  17. i payeddd!!!!! via paypal I already asked for a refund! thank you so much for sharing this info, we shoal all sew this proyect!

  18. They just extended the deadlines ir order to get more victims to pay for it.
    What they got so far is not enough to pay 12 months x 12peopls x 2500.
    Not even having into account the travels, lodging etc etc.
    I also dont believe it will be a fair selection, as this is not a Big brother show, they wouldnt be able to have a good control model for the people and therefore the people were most certaintly already selected even before this whole thing began.
    This is just a crowdfunding for some people's pet project. :)

    1. Hi! I am not from the US but I payed to with a debit card last month and I was checking my account I it has a debit amount of 9 EUR but it says HIPAYWALLET.COM can they do something with my debit cards data??

  19. Muito obrigado mesmo, sacrifiquei me para conseguir o valor, felizmente encontrei o seu alerta minutos antes de efectuar a tranferencia, realmente o mundo precisa de mais pessoas como voce Olga! Que o Senhor a de mais vida e forca para fazermos face a essas tentacoes como a WLE que se aproveitam do pouco dos demais para enriquecerem...meus sinceros agradecimentos from MOZAMBIQUE.

  20. I paid as well, but I wrote to paypal for a refund. I hope this works!

  21. Hello. Great post.

    Now i just looked at the World life experience webpage and doing some calculations. As i can read on their webpage as of July 11th they have as of now collected 98333 EUR for charity. Considering the charity part is 2,5 EUR (27,7%) of the submission fee of 9 EUR this can now give a picture of they current financial balance.

    The total balance for the project is now 98333/27,78% = 354000 EUR (meaning 39000 Applicants). Take away the charity part the rest for administration and travel is 257.000 EUR.

    Lets geek around the travel part. It is known 12 people have to travel to 40 destinations for a year - living in hotels, travel and transport plus salary of 2500 EUR/Month. Let's assume a oneway ticket is average 250 EUR per person, the food is 20 EUR daily and hotel is 50 EUR per night, Lets get the above together:

    Salery : 2500 EUR x 12 ppl x 12 months = 360.000 EUR
    Travel : 250 EUR x 41 x 12 = 123.000 EUR
    Food : 20 EUR x 365 x 12 = 87.600 EUR
    Hotel : 50 EUR x 365 x 12 = 219.000 EUR

    Above is alone 790.000 EUR, then we have administration, travel for administration team, insurance, guides, taxis, other transports, vaccinations, visa fees and so on.

    Hope i cleared up that the money collected so far is doomed to go all to administration.

  22. If this is not proof enough that they're scammers, then I don't know. WLE announced a partnership with Cambodia Dream Community Organization, this was their response:

  23. I've just read your blog Olga, and all the comments here... and I do feel really naive, beyond that so stupid. I was thought I did well checking the terms ans the web and all the stuff, but now I've realized I didn't. I paid the money. And worse, I missed a real chance I had for an application I was into before. I wish I had seen your blog before. I'm just about to cry and blame. Thanks Olga and all the guys who shared their comments. I'll write down another lessln learned by the hard way.


  25. I disputed through paypal, only asked for 7,5 because i don't doubt they will give the 2,5; but i want my 7,5 back because they used the name of NGO'S w/o permission. That's called fraudulent advertisment and it's ilegal in Spain. TBH i wouldn't pitty if they go to jail. When you do the math Anonymous11 July 2017 at 01:06 did at 12 / July /2017 shows they are easily on green numbers (to the co-founder pockets) thanks to using NGO's names that didn't given any permission for that business.

  26. Ashame on them

  27. just to know now, the page now says :" sorry for the inconvinience but we're performing some maintenance at the moment. we'll be back in shortly!"

  28. Well, obviously it is a scam, at least it is clear after its page doesn't work.

    Anyways, one friend has found in FB two names of its stuff. These two girls appear in the picture of WLE team cleaning the city and in the profile of one of them includes she is currently working at WLE so, I am pretty sure they are aware about everything and they are part of this huge lie. Lets contact them!

    Their names in FB:

    - Luisa Bravo:
    - Margarida Ferreira Leite:

    Dont let them play with out feelings!

  29. Do you guys get a new email about the 3rd stage?.. by the facts, it seems to be scam, but i'm still following it to ccheck how far the lie could go.

  30. I did transfer 9 euros for that project and I've been selected to the next level of the recruitment where I had to take an english test and a psychometric test in the WLE website. Then yesterday I got an email from WLE saying that a bug has been found in their website but I should not worry because my data was protected. Today I got an email from an unknown user saying that the WLE project is a fraud, that they make people donate money for nothing and that nobody will actually be selected to perform a role this dream job. The email also said that all the data from the candidates was open and exposed, and as a proof they sent me my own personal data that I wrote in my registration at WLE. Last but not least, they said I should be careful because my bank account data was also exposed. This week I got a receipt by email from a transaction I never did at my bank, and now I suspect that someone used my bank account data from the WLE website to get money from my bank account. I was also suspicious about the project itself, but I believed it was genuine and made the donation. I feel stupid and I'm scared because I fear for financial losses now. If anyone else is going through the same thing, please let's make a community and help each other??!

    1. I received the same E-Mail today and am quite scared now because I used my credit card to pay and I'm afraid that they will steal money from me because they have my credit card information now. I just checked and so far they only took the 9 Euros as it said on the website. I feel so damn stupid to have fallen for this scam!!

  31. I received an e-mail that says: -Your survey meets all the requirements!- but when i try to continue in this link it says: We’ll be back soon!

    Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. We’ll be back online shortly!

  32. Hey! I am eli, i did the registration and after reading your entry I have asked for a refund to paypal. I don't know if we can do something more? I mean it is so unfair that they have used us and also newspapers to share this scam ( and no one has discovered this scam but you). What can we do?

  33. I've read an information at world life experience web site and first feeling it's too sweet to be true. But still later decided to try, even if it's a fake the amount of 9€ is not so big.
    I've paid to world life experience at 11.07.17, then i've got a message that they have a problem with their web site. I've waited for 10 days and then googled and found your article about a scam. I wasn't too said because i've expected something like this.

    Luckily i've paid thought PayPal and i requested a payback. I was surprised that they paid me back at the next day!!! I got my 9€ back, i wrote to them if they would not do that, PayPal will block their account because i didn't get ordered service, and it worked! Maybe it was really easier to pay me back and get much more payment s thought paypal, because i think people are still sending money to them...
    But one thing i can't understand. Why did they wrote that they have a problem with web site. It'd be much easier to finish all the processes and said to me that 12 lucky guys are chosen and this isn't me... And that is it... 😕

  34. In the first place, unfortunately i've found out too late. I've already payed that fee and completed all their questionnaires...and now i am not thinking about the fact that i want necessarily my money back, i'm thinking not to have a "suprise" with my bank account. I've payed through HiPay and i don't know if it will work to request my money back as others i saw did with PayPal, but i will try.

  35. I have paid them too. And I am being sceptical after reading all these. But, have you seen the latest three companies they have at the bottom of their site? I clicked all of them and seemed pretty legit to me. I am now at the third phase (completing 2nd survey and doing an english test).

    1. Those companies at the bottom of their website are those who make the media content for them... if you want to know more just visit this site, the made a good research about WLE also:

      Its more likely to be the 2017 biggest scam.

  36. Hello everyone I completed all steps till number 3 and now they've sent me a next step and also they "UPDATED THEIR PAGE AND NGO'S"

  37. ‪Hi Olya! I'm glad I found your blog - my exact thoughts when I heard about this project. Judged it as scam straight away, wanted to follow the same steps you did but had other things come up. Thank you for detailed research! Now it looks even worse than it did before if you check their social media. Here's my blog about this scam and another far-stretched travel project, Off To Iceland:

  38. Thanks a lot! I was checking just before paying and I saw your blog. You saved me! Thank you. To all the guys who already payed: Guys, ask for a refund and denounce these people and the fraud! If all of you do it, maybe they will not continue to fraud people! Monica

  39. OMG I paid them, through PayPal, and submitted my information. My main concern is the information I have shared about me.... I had a feeling that this must be a scam, when the whole web crashed. But as others, I thought 9 euro is no big deal, not even thinking about the info! Damn....
    Thanks for this article!

  40. Firstly, thank you for this article. I had zero suspicions when I applied for this program.
    I managed to refund my money (9 euro) via PayPal. There is this section to open the dispute, and there I have wrote that I want my money back, because i think that the organizations that i have sent my money to is a scam organization. I have cited this article in my claim. And guess what happened? Next day, Pay Pal refunded 9 euro to my e-card with a comment that the seller (namely Top Experience) decided to return the amount of 9 euro to me, because they wanted to settle.

    So, yes you can retrieve your money back.

    Also, is anybody following what is happening with World Life Experience now? Last info. from Facebook page was that their website is in maintenance.

  41. Hello Olga and everyone,

    I am Antonio Dias, the founder of the World Life Experience project, I understand the doubts as I assume all the mistakes made in the project, although you do not understand, but it is not easy to innovate, the risks are many, but the most important is to be true with ourselves, and take on all the responsibilities of the mistakes we made.

    That way it is very easy to judge others, to say bad or to try to take advantage for their own benefit, but I can assure you that the only thing you will never be able to do is to escape the truth as to the responsibility of your acts, this nobody will be able to erase .

    The truth is that the event is happening, which proves unequivocally that you are defaming a project that is real simply because you think, I will not do the same and judge others, but I am here to take my mistakes and never get away with because that is impossible.

    I wish the best for you and everyone sincerely and hope that one day you will understand that the easy way is not and will never be the most responsible.

    I would like one day to have the pleasure of being able to speak with you, I am open to clarifying what is necessary, but with responsibility.


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